A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 


Can you believe that 2018 is over already? It flew by in a flash!

This was such a great year for us!

Some of you have been keeping up with us all year long, but others of you are new to our blog. So we wanted to take a few minutes and reminisce back on the year 2018 with this complete review of our amazing epic year!

Come along for our walk down memory lane! And if you make it all the way to the end, I have a bonus clip surprise for you !!

A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year

These are our absolute best photos of 2018 and a brief summary of what went down each month!

January 2018

January 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

Snow is rare in Central North Carolina, but in January we experienced record breaking low temperatures for days on end and unusual amounts of snow. The ducks and I survived without any frost bite but there were frozen eggs and cold gnomes along the way.

We also discovered that ducks like to sled in one of our very first blog posts. If you missed the video, you have to check it out!  → Sledding Ducks!

February 2018

February coop - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

In February we purchased an amazing mini-barn! With a few modifications, it became the perfect coop with room for more ducks! (P.S. You always need more ducks!)

Not only did we add a new coop in February but we also built a second duck pen known as the “Bachelor Pen.”

temporary pen - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

The “Bachelor Pen” was built from spare chain link fence and furnished with the old small coop and a kiddie pool.

The “Bachelor Pen’s” original purpose was to house my male Cayuga duck, named Waffles, while I bred my Ancona ducks in the Spring. But instead both male ducks went on a hunger strike until I put them back in the same pen together. Clearly they have a strong bro-mance that no fence can separate.

Even though my plan didn’t work out as I had intended, it is still convenient to have a second duck pen in case someone needs a time out.

March 2018

March 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

In March flowers began to bloom and I started collecting eggs for the incubator to hatch ducklings for the first time!

April 2018

April was arguably one of our busiest BEST months of the year!

April 1st THIS BLOG was officially launched!! ↓ It was my greatest idea EVER!

FB IMG 1522604973894 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

April was also my first time incubating duck eggs, volunteering at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, and adopting a duck!

April 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

10 eggs went into the incubator on April 5th and throughout the month I candled them each week to watch them grow. It was an incredible experience and I got to share it all with our rescued duck Gabby! She is one of the sassiest and gabbiest ducks I’ve ever met! We couldn’t be happier to have her in our lives!

And our blog post about our experience at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue was one of our most viewed blog posts of the year. Click here if you missed it or just want to read it again because it was so good!

May 2018

May was the month of ducklings!

May 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

Eight precious ducklings were born May 2nd. It was an awe-inspiring experience to watch them hatch and grow the whole month of May. Mary & Ruth became wonderful additions to our family and our flock!

How can you stand this much cuteness in one collage??

IMG 20180506 114644 621 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

Half of the ducklings were pure Ancona ducklings and the other half were Ancona/Cayuga mixes. Half were males and half were females. All were 100% adorable. (Can you spot which one is Mary and which one is Ruth? Guess in the comment section below!!)

If this wasn’t enough cuteness for you, I HIGHLY recommend that you watch our duckling YouTube video. Witness the ducklings learning to walk, playing with cat toys, and chasing lasers. It’s the cutest video I’ve ever made!

And not surprisingly, May was my highest viewed month on Facebook! One Facebook post reached 5,355 people in ONE week! If you don’t follow our page, you are really missing out!

June 2018

June 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

A lot happened in June as well!

Mary & Ruth started living outside with Aunt Gabby as a baby sitter.

Mary was developing an angel wing but it was quickly resolved with a wrap. And both girls grew into beautiful adult ducks!

A love story bloomed between Gabby and Willard!

And my original four ducks (Waffles, Willow, Winnie, & Willard) turned 1 year old!

A raccoon frighteningly also visited our coop one night but thankfully no ducks were harmed! It was all caught on our trail camera along with some other critters!

And someone laid a fairy egg! If you aren’t familiar with fairy eggs, our June blog post explains this phenomenon!

And thanks to all of YOU, our INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK pages each reached 100 followers! Next year we hope to reach 1,000 followers! So if you don’t follow us, hit those buttons! If you do follow us, THANK YOU, and share us with a friend!!

July 2018

July 2017 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

In July all my girls were learning to live together while the boys were banished to the “Bachelor Pen”. Gabby was learning how to splash and have fun in water but she also had to visit the vet for a touch of foamy eye. And the whole flock was dewormed for their health!

August 2018

August 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

As the summer died down in August our feathered flock began molting in preparation for winter and our feline flock member Terra turned 8 years old!

September 2018

September 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

In September the whole flock was integrated together and living as one big happy family! And we almost added 3 more members to the flock when we discovered 3 female runner ducks dumped on the pond behind our home. We tried without success to rescue these poor girls but we won’t give up on them.

This month Gabby also tried her hand webbed foot at blogging and wrote a diary entry about her time here with the Williams Flock. If you missed it, she says you can read it here.

October 2018

October 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

As the grass died in October it turned into ducky heaven mud.

The ducklings became old enough to lay their own eggs.

We discovered that Mary likes to lay spotted eggs!

And everyone dressed up as pumpkins for Halloween!

November 2018

November 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

In November my mother made me an amazing duck pond birthday cake.

Vader celebrated his 3rd adoptiversary with us .

And the ducks enjoyed a magnificent Thanksgiving feast!

December 2018

December 2018 - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

In December, one of our ducks laid the biggest eggs I’ve ever seen!

We collected a whopping 708 eggs throughout the entire year!

Waffles, the Cayuga, was placed on Santa’s naughty list for Christmas.

And we all enjoyed one last snow fall for the year!

That is our wonderful year in a nutshell!

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane as much as I did!

Our year was full of new beginnings and transformations and I’m glad you were here to experience it with us!

You watched as Gabby almost transformed into a different duck when she molted this year.

Gabby Collage - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

You also witnessed the babies grow into beautiful adults! But I bet you miss those little fluffy butts as much as I do!

Mary Ruth collage - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

You saw our duck pen and coop get a face-lift this year!

pen transformation - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

And you were there as our flock grew from 4 to 7 ducks!

4 7 ducks - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

But as you can tell, Waffles (my male Cayuga duck – the one in the middle of the pond…) still thinks he rules the roost. So I guess not everything has changed this year!!

Thank you for being here with us through this year in this hard duck life!

Big Bonus Clip of the Year:

As a gift to all my readers for being such loyal subscribers and for making it through this whole post, here is a never before seen photo!

Have you ever wondered what those other Ancona/Cayuga mixed ducklings grew up to look like?

Well below is a picture of the other 5 ducklings from my spring hatch. Their gentleman owner was so kind as to provide me with updates on them as they grew so I could continue to be a proud momma! They look so handsome, fat, and happy! And I’m sure they love living with the other ducks and geese in their home!

other ducklings - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 
Photo credit to their owner Ken

So what’s our crazy plan for the new year??

1. I am launching monthly blog newsletters starting January 1st, 2019! Look for them in your inboxes!! If you are not a subscriber to my blog yet, what are you waiting for?? Sign up now so you don’t miss out on the monthly goodies! ⇒ SUBSCRIBE!

2. We want to reach 1,000 followers on our Instagram and Facebook page!! So click those follow buttons!

3. We also plan to build a CATIO for our feline flock members! Because we are such expert carpenters by this point (insert eye roll from my husband here…hehe)

4. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll add a goose, mini-horse, or goat to our flock next! (A girl can dream, right?)

“Will there be more ducklings?” you ask.

more ducklings - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 


Quite frankly, I’m undecided!

I won’t be raising any ducklings for myself next year because my flock already grew so much this year. I need to slow my roll before I’m drowning in a mound of duck eggs. But I could possibly be persuaded to hatch some ducklings for someone else if they so desired.

BUT I am cautious about hatching ducklings because so many ducks go unwanted and abandoned each year. I am a huge supporter of adopting ducks (like Gabby!) instead of hatching. I DO NOT want to contribute to the over-population of ducks but I am also a supporter of preserving our heritage breeds like the Anconas. So I always practice responsible breeding! Which means I won’t be hatching ducklings just for cute pictures.

Happy New Year from our flock to yours!

The end Happy New Year - A Complete Review of our Amazing Epic Year 

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