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My name is Shawnee Williams.

And I am the author and founder of It’s a Hard Duck Life Blog.

A blog dedicated to all things DUCK and more!

I started this blog on April 1st, 2018, because I am CRAZY about ducks and ALL other animals.

And I want to share my CRAZY with the world!

It’s Not ALL Crazy…

I like to keep my blog posts upbeat, fun, and a little wacky, but it is not all crazy behind these pages.

The mission for my blog is to provide helpful information for pet parents with a fun twist.

I want to be an inspiration and a source of knowledge for my readers.

I will not claim to be an expert but I will certainly share all my trials and lessons learned from life and pet ownership.

What Makes Me Qualified?

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I am just a crazy duck lady on the internet.

How do you know you can trust me and my advice?

Why should you read my blog? Well…

#1. I am witty (that should be enough but I will continue…).

#2. I currently own 6 ducks, 3 cats, 1 rabbit (and all are happy and healthy)!

3. I have experience in buying, hatching, and adopting ducks. And I highly recommend adopting!

4. I have volunteered at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue and donate on a monthly basis!

5. My husband and I built the duck’s pen and pond by hand!

6. My life is never a dull moment with 2 pesky drakes in the flock.

7. There has also never been a moment in my life when I did not own a pet. Not…A…Single…Moment…!

8. I am able to care for my animals, my husband, and my blog all while working a full-time job as a Vet Tech! (Super-woman? Perhaps…)

9. I am a non-registered veterinary technician with 14 years of experience in the field. I am non-registered because experience speaks louder in my book than additional schooling and debt.

10. I promise to entertain you with delightful stories, fun videos, and adorable pictures.

Other Fun Facts About Me:

– My husband and I both grew up in Virginia but now live in North Carolina.

– I convinced a renter to allow me to keep 2 ducks in my backyard while in college.

– My phone ringtone is duck quacking (crazy duck person extraordinaire)!

– I was a horse crazy girl before I was a duck lover.

– My favorite hobby is to scrapbook our memories.

What Will You Learn?

– You will learn that ducks are amazing creatures but they are not for everyone (no matter how cute I make them seem).

– You will learn vital cat wisdom from a veterinarian technician in the Cozy Cat Corner.

– You will learn about our flock and how we survive this hard duck life.

Let’s Survive This Hard Duck Life Together

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