My Duck’s Fascinating New Year Resolutions

My Duck's Fascinating New Year Resolutions

New Year, New Me This happens every year! The ball drops in time square and we think we are new people! Time for us to change for the better! This year I will eat right and exercise. I will stop cussing. I’m finally going to finish that project I started 4 years ago. I will…

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Dear Diary, Gabby here!

Dear Diary, Gabby Here!

Dear Diary, Gabby here! 5 months ago I got adopted from the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue by my new mom and dad! (You can read about mom and dad’s volunteer experience here!) And it has been a VERY exciting 5 months! ** This blog post may contain affiliate links. All the products I recommend have my…

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Dear Diary, I’m Famous!

Dear Diary, I'm Famous!

Dear Diary, I’m famous! And it’s about time! Because I am the greatest duck around, you know! Momma duck started a blog and I’m pretty sure it’s all about me and people are going to love me. I’m handsome. I’m out going. And I’m better than all the other ducks. That’s why I already have…

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