Dear Diary, Gabby here!

Dear Diary, Gabby Here!

Dear Diary,

Gabby here!

5 months ago I got adopted from the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue by my new mom and dad! (You can read about mom and dad’s volunteer experience here!)

And it has been a VERY exciting 5 months!

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The journey home

At first, it was scary for me to think about leaving the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. Because I lived there for several months and made lots of friends. They allowed me to stay inside the office and eat all the lettuce and mealworms I desired! I was nervous that my new family wouldn’t be quite as generous with the treats but I was sure I could train my new people!

So I rode inside a crate for 3 hours until I reached my new home.

gabby carrier - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
That’s Me! Traveling to my new home!

It was obvious how much Momma duck loved me from the very beginning. She let me sleep inside the house in my very own nest but I had to show her exactly how I liked my bed made.

making bed - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
I had to supervise Momma duck to make sure she made my bed right!

The next morning she took me outside to my new duck kingdom and I met Waffles, Willow, Winnie, and Willard (the 4 ducks who already live here with Momma duck). Momma refers to them as the Williams Flock, which I am now a part of!

Waffle willow winnie willard - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
My New Flock!

Don’t tell Momma Duck, but I like to tease them about how all their names start with W! (It’s weird, right??)

My new pad

The Williams Flock seemed nice enough but it can be intimidating fitting into a new family at first. So Momma duck gave me my own room and my own pool right next to the other ducks’ home so we could talk but not physically interact.

Gabbys new pad - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
I was a little anti-social at first!

The food around here is delicious and I get all the pets, love, and attention I crave. Momma duck even buys the mealworms in bulk for all of us duckies!! Momma duck also allows me to come into the house whenever I like. But this one time, she tried to make me wear something called a “diaper.” How embarrassing! That thing was hideous and uncomfortable. So I went to my nest and pouted until Momma duck took it off. She’s never made me wear that thing again, thank goodness. She said it was to keep me from pooping on the floor, but doesn’t everyone just poop on the floor? I don’t see a problem here.

diapers are stupid - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
Boycott diapers!! Just say “Yes!” to pooping on the floor!

Momma duck

I grew fond of hanging out with Momma duck when she returned home from work. Can you believe she works with cats all day? Vial creatures if you ask me. She even allows a couple of cats in the house too!! Can you imagine?? I have to protect Momma duck from them all the time. A good charge from me and I have Momma duck all to myself!

momma and me - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
Momma and Me time!

When Momma duck and I aren’t relaxing, I help her with the chores too. Dishes, laundry, and raking leaves; I’m pretty good at all of it!

dishes - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
“Momma, can I help unload the dishes?”

Once I felt more comfortable with my outdoor accommodations, Momma duck gave me an even bigger nest outside. Something she calls a “Coop.” I don’t care what she calls it but after a few touch ups by me, it was perfect!

new coop - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
Checking out my new coop and making it JUST right!

Water smater

I’ve lived either in homes or on dry land for most of my life, but on occasion, someone would throw me in a tub of water and insist I preen. I didn’t get it at first. I don’t see you humans splashing around in water every day. But after watching Waffles, Willow, Winnie, and Willard splash, dive, and play in their pond, I finally understood! It looked like so much fun that I just had to try it for myself. Now I love water too!

pool time - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
I love water now!

However, I do limit how much time I spend in the water because someone once told me I have an underdeveloped oil gland. This means I don’t make enough oil to spread over my feathers to make them completely waterproof. So sometimes I can become water-logged. This just proves I’m more human than duck ya know!

water logged - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
I try to preen but sometimes my oil gland can’t keep up!

My favorites

My favorite part about my new home is all the land! There are over 3 acres of bug-filled grasses for me to forage and Momma duck ensures that I get to roam free every day. It’s my favorite part of the day!

foraging time - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
My favorite part of the day! Bugs and mud!

Momma duck also loves to take pictures and videos of me and post them on something called a “blog.” I’m not really sure what that is, but she tells me that I have adoring fans who like to hear my story. It’s crazy to think that I went from being an abandoned duckie to being famous! Momma duck even assures me that my friends from the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue still love me too and diligently watch for updates on me! (Hi, CWR friends!!)

Auntie Gabby

Just a few short weeks after my arrival in my new home, Momma duck announced that we were having ducklings! All of a sudden, I was AUNT Gabby!! Those cute little fuzzy jelly beans sure were adorable but they grew up too fast and Momma duck expected ME to babysit. I didn’t mind at first because they were so small and helpless, but in just a few short weeks those girls were bigger than me and eating all my food. But Momma duck repaid me in tomatoes, strawberries, peas, and mealworm treats every night before bed, so I didn’t mind.

baby sitter ex - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
Here I am babysitting Mary & Ruth. I was the perfect lifeguard around the pool!

During my babysitting time, I became very smitten with the boy next door. Willard is such a handsome drake that I can’t keep my eyes off of him. He quacks sweet nothings in my ear and head bobs in flirtation. Momma duck saw the love story forming between us and would allow us to have some one-on-one time together for duckie dates. When we finally met face to face, we were inseparable! He is my Willy-Poo!

my willy poo - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
That’s my sweet Willy-Poo!

Egg thief on the loose

I’ve tried to start a family of my own with Willard and have cute little ducklings of our own, but something incredibly strange keeps happening…my eggs keep disappearing! I expertly construct a wonderful nest and I lay a precious egg every morning but then when I return to my coop at night, it is gone! I see Momma duck go into my coop every day to admire my handiwork. Maybe she can give me some insight into who is stealing my eggs. This tragedy must be stopped!

eggs2 - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
Someone keeps stealing my eggs!


A few months ago, I got something in my eye. It was terribly uncomfortable, especially since I don’t have any hands to rub my eyes with. I told Momma duck about my injury and she went full nurse on me. She insisted I come inside out of the heat and rest while she provided me with eye drops. The next morning I was all better! But Momma duck still insisted that I go see something called a “Duck-tor.” The duck-tor did not know how to pet a duck. She was grabbing me all over and shining bright lights in my eyes. The duck-tor said I looked great (like I didn’t already know that)! They all loved me at the duck-tor office and said I was one of the prettiest ducks they had ever seen!

Duck tor - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
Duck-tors are weird!

The strangest thing about the duck-tor is that she stole some of my poop. And afterward, she claimed I had giardia. I found this very insulting because everyone knows I’m perfect in every way! I couldn’t possibly have a parasite. Yet, Momma duck requested that I take an awful tasting medication every day for almost a whole week. She said it was grape flavored but I’ve never had grapes that tasted like that! Thank goodness that is all over! I’m good as new!

One big happy flock

Now that the ducklings, Mary and Ruth, are all grown up, we are one big happy flock! All 7 of us ducks live together in what Momma duck calls the “Duckie Taj Mahal.” It was touch and go at first because Waffles was showing interest in dating me, but he’s too much of a bad boy for my taste. I prefer southern gentlemen like my Willy-Poo. Occasionally Willow and Winnie would also get jealous of my special relationship with Willard and try to pick on me too. But if that happens, I just hide behind my big nieces, Mary and Ruth, and they protect me. I knew raising those babies would have its perks. Most days we all get along swimmingly (get it ?!? swimmingly!! – I’m hilarious!)

happy flock - Dear Diary, Gabby here!
My new flock! I couldn’t be happier!

A lot can happen in 5 short months! I got adopted by a wonderful flock! Became an Aunt to 2 sassy girls! Found a beau and some best girlyfriends! And I’m living happily ever after!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

That’s Quack-Quack for now!

Love, Gabby

Gabby - Dear Diary, Gabby here!

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  1. I gave Gabby a ride from her first rescue in Columbia, SC (Carolina Wildlife) to Carolina Waterfowl in Indian Trail, NC. She was and still is much beloved at Carolina Wildlife and on my subsequent visits to Carolina Waterfowl it was clear she was a favorite there as well. Glad she is doing well. She is a special lady.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! Miss Gabby has touched many people’s lives! She is a very special duck and I feel blessed that she is a loving part of our family and flock!

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