Dear Diary, I’m Famous!

Dear Diary, I'm Famous!

Dear Diary,

I’m famous!

And it’s about time!

Because I am the greatest duck around, you know!

Im Famous waffles - Dear Diary, I'm Famous!
Waffles thinks the blog is all about him!

Momma duck started a blog and I’m pretty sure it’s all about me and people are going to love me. I’m handsome. I’m out going. And I’m better than all the other ducks. That’s why I already have 70 followers on my Facebook page.

I can’t wait to sign autographs!


Dear Diary,

I’m famous!

And I’m so excited!

Im famous Willow - Dear Diary, I'm Famous!
Willow is quacking excited that you are here!

I heard from Waffles that Momma duck started a blog. I’m not really sure what “a blog” is but Waffles seems to think it’s a webb-site for handsome duck feeties. I hope I’m pretty enough to be on the webb-site. I could show case my talents like dancing, killing toads, and diving in the pond. Oh, I hope people like me and follow me on Facebook too.

I can’t wait to say “QUACK” to all my new friends!


Dear Diary,

I’m famous!

And I don’t really care!

Im famous winnie - Dear Diary, I'm Famous!
Winnie isn’t so sure about all this attention!

Willow seems to be super excited about this blog that Momma duck started. The quack on the street is that it’s all about our flock. I wish everyone would calm down because it’s not a big deal. We don’t need fans gawking at us. I simply want to float in my pool, lay eggs, and forage for June bugs.


Dear Diary,

I’m famous!

And I’m humbled!

Im Famous Willard - Dear Diary, I'm Famous!
Willard is blushing from all his fans!

I can’t believe that Momma duck started a blog about us. She is such a nice lady. She brings us meal worms and lettuce, and keeps our pool clean. I don’t know how she has time to run a webb-site too. Maybe the blog should be about her because she’s so awesome, but I can’t wait to make new friends. I just hope Waffles doesn’t scare them all away.


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