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I invite you to come and meet every member of the Williams Flock.
Here is where you will learn all of our individual traits and fascinating quirks.
We promise not to bite!

Meet the Human Flock:


Shawnee 2 300x241 - Meet The Flock

That’s me! I am designated caretaker of the whole flock and writer of the blog. Animals are my passion and my life. During a work day you will find me caring for feline patients as a non-registered veterinarian technician. In my free-time you will find me blogging, scrap-booking, and most importantly caring for all my critters. (Age: 29)


Cameron 3 300x257 - Meet The Flock

Meet my husband! My loving and understanding husband who remarkably tolerates my animal obsession. Although I love and cherish him dearly, he is most affectionately known as just “The Human” to all our animals. Cameron loves guns, cars, and kittens (especially kittens!). (Age: 28)

Meet the Feline Flock:


Terra 2 300x287 - Meet The Flock

Say hello to Terra, our eldest member of the flock. Terra is a very opinionated 9 year old lady who has been with me since she was a tiny terror kitten. She is an indoor kitty but loves to go for walks outside on a harness and leash. She performs tricks such as sit, shake, and meowing on command (YES, you can train cats!) but usually only for her favorite treats. Terra enthusiastically greets any guests that come into her home but you only have 10 minutes before she will not so politely ask you to leave. Even though Terra is slowly entering her golden years, she still rules the roost, so to speak. (Born: August 1, 2010) (Breed: Domestic Short Hair – Black)


Vader 2 229x300 - Meet The Flock

Meet Vader. Vader is a timid, jumpy, previously feral kitty who joined our flock in November of 2015. He is very shy and you will often find him burrowed under a blanket or bed comforter. Despite his nervous tendencies, he is a very loving cat who is particularly bonded with “The Human.” Vader is a professional bird watcher and is incredibly skilled at food puzzles. When he gets a wild hair, he can be seen racing up and down the halls and bouncing from couch to couch. He has also earned the title of mouse hunter extraordinaire after effectively apprehending 3 mice that had the unfortunate bad luck of entering our home. (Born: April 17, 2015) (Breed: Domestic Short Hair – Black)


Meet Sparkles 223x300 - Meet The Flock

Give a good welcome to Sparkles! Sparkles joined our flock in February of 2019. She comes to us already seasoned by life and in her senior years. Sparkles is a BIG girl with a BIG personality that truly does SPARKLE. Without fail, she will purr immediately upon pets. She enjoys fishing pole toys, chasing Vader around the house, and CARBS! Sparkles is on a weight loss journey to improve her health and we are happy to announce that she has already lost 2.5 lbs! (Born: January 17, 2007) (Breed: Domestic Fat (I mean, Short) Hair – Tortie)

Meet the Duck Flock:


Waffles 2 300x279 - Meet The Flock

Meet Wacky Waffles. Waffles is a beautiful duck with a bad attitude. He has the biggest personality in the flock, but it is not always the kindest. Waffles tends to bully the other male, Willard, in an attempt to impress the females. He is indeed a ladies man and tends to catch everyone’s eye with his handsome green Cayuga feathers. But don’t let his beauty fool you, he is a bossy and pushy dictator who likes to charge those in his way. (Hatched: June 4, 2017) (Breed: Cayuga)


Willow 2 300x254 - Meet The Flock

Say hello to Willow. Willow is my best “guard duck!” If there is danger near, she is the first to sound the alarm! Even if that supposed danger is just a passing turtle or a lawn ornament that has been knocked over by the wind. Her unmistakeable “danger quack” is the loudest in the group shortly followed by her daughter Ruth. (Hatched: June 4, 2017) (Breed: Ancona)


Willard 271x300 - Meet The Flock

Meet Willard, also affectionately known as “Willy Poo.” Willard is our male Ancona duck who deems himself protector and leader of the flock. He is always on the look out for predators and is constantly concerned about the well being of each member of the flock. He is a very smart cookie and will forever be a big mommy’s boy. He is a gentle giant except during spring breeding season when all drakes turn stupid. (Hatched: June 4, 2017) (Breed: Ancona)


Gabby 2 300x300 - Meet The Flock

Say “Hi!” to Gabby! Gabby joined our flock in April of 2018. We adopted her from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. When she first came to us, she liked people more than other ducks and didn’t know how to properly swim or bathe in water. We are happy to report that Gabby is now a solid member of the flock. She acts just like any other duck. In fact, she is the bossiest and gabbiest duck I have ever known! She is also known as the transforming duck, as she gains more and more white feathers every year she molts! Regardless she is as beautiful as ever! (Hatched: unknown-possibly ~2015) (Breed: unknown- possibly Cayuga mix)


Mary  300x224 - Meet The Flock

Say “Hello!” to Mary! Mary and her sister Ruth (pictured below) were the first ducklings I have hatched on my own and are the offspring of Willow, Winnie, and Willard. It was such an amazing experience and a pleasure to watch these girls hatch and grow into the beautiful adult ducks they are now. Mary was born with a cross marking on the back of her head which earned her this biblical name. Mary is a magnificent beauty with the sweetest demeanor and the softest feathers! She just might be my favorite…shhh…don’t tell the others… (Hatched: May 2, 2018) (Breed: Ancona)


ruth 2 300x253 - Meet The Flock

Meet Ruth! As you read above, Ruth is the sister of Mary. She looks almost exactly like her Daddy (Willard) but was born with a trademark stripe down her bill and a heart on the back of her head. Since birth, she has been the biggest drama queen/diva duck that ever existed. She has a “Caution-Will Bite!” sticker on her chart at the vet and despite being hand-reared she is the most skittish of all my ducks. (Hatched: May 2, 2018) (Breed: Ancona)

Meet the Lagomorph Flock:


Meet Nickels 300x169 - Meet The Flock

Give a Big Welcome to our newest flock member, Nickels! Nickels is a Flemish Giant/New Zealand mix rabbit. He is just a baby and still growing! His hobbies are chewing on the walls, throwing baby bunny tantrums, laying like a rabbit loaf, and tormenting the cats. He was an unexpected addition to our home this year but he has a special place in our hearts all the same. (P.S. rabbits are not low maintenance pets! That is a myth!) (Born: April 18, 2019) (Breed: Flemish Giant/New Zealand Mix)

More to come…

coming soon 225x300 - Meet The Flock

That’s the whole Williams Flock! For now, that is. Soon our little flock may grow.
Please stay tuned for more members as they emerge. Goats and Horses and Dogs, Oh My!

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