Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

It is a little known fact that cats have many important jobs!

Your cat may be working tirelessly day-in and day-out without the proper recognition it deserves.

So I have compiled a list of the top 30 cat jobs to help educate you.

These jobs will be demonstrated by my two best feline suPURRvisors: Terra and Vader. They are highly skilled in all of the PURRfessions we will talk about below!

1. Door Greeter

The number one cat job that many people overlook is “Door Greeter.” Some cats are too shy for this job but others are quite proficient at welcoming guests into the home.

Job duties may include but are not limited to:

  • rubbing up against guests to apply cat hairs to clothing
  • weaving between the guest’s legs to ensure proper tripping
  • begging to be petted only to swat the hand if it lingers too long

Door Greeter - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

2. Box Inspector

“Box Inspector” is arguably the most important cat job there is. All cats can perform this job perfectly with no prior training if presented with an appropriate box. Size of the box does not matter because a cat can inspect a box of any size, small or large.

Box inspector - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

3. Alarm Clock

You may tragically sleep in on a weekend without a cat “Alarm Clock.” They are here to ensure you do not miss the sunrise and cat breakfast time. Impressively a cat does not even need a watch to expertly perform this job.

Each cat may perform this job slightly differently. Versions of this job may include but are not limited to:

  • Sitting gargoyle style on your dresser
  • Vocalizing directly next to your ear
  • Gently or more harshly (when necessary) batting your nose and/or eye lids
  • Running across the bed at high speeds

Alarm Clock - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

4. Assistant Suitcase Packer

How could you ever prepare for your next travel without your cat “Assistant Suitcase Packer?” The cat’s job is to make sure you don’t leave without a piece of clothing that doesn’t have cat hair on it. This is to ensure you won’t forget about your feline companion while you are away.

Assistant Suitcase Packer - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

5. Travel Companion

Better yet, why not take your cat with you. However, be sure you have a skilled and willing “Travel Companion” before you go because some kitties are not cut out for this job and may wail the entire trip.

Travel Companion - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

6. Pool Lifeguard

Not everyone needs a “Pool Lifeguard” but Terra is showing that it is an important job when you have ducks. Ducks must be supervised around the pool at all times. Some cats may get confused and also perform this job around your bathtub while you are taking a bath. Cats aren’t quite sure why everyone insists on being in water but they are here to ensure no one drowns in the process.

Pool LifeGuard - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

7. Lizard Spotter

Lizards are elusive creatures and they may go undetected around your home if you don’t have a cat “Lizard Spotter.” Vader is always our employee of the month in Lizard Spotting.

LIzard Spotter - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

8. Furry Pillow

Regular pillows are ok but why settle for sub-par when you could have a “Furry Pillow?” Not all cats enjoy performing this job so be careful, but others can be persuaded to do this job for you.

Furry Pillow - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

9. Bed Warmer

All cats are professional “Bed Warmers!” No training or special equipment needed.

Bed Warmer - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

10. Seat Taker

“Seat Taker” is a thankless job completed by most cats. If you leave your spot on the couch for more than 2 seconds, a seat taker may take your spot. They do this to keep your spot warm while you are away. They are often reluctant to stop their hard work even when you return to reclaim your seat.

Seat Taker - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

11. Contortionist

I’m convinced that cats are semi-liquid because they can contort into unimaginable shapes and sizes. “Contortionist” may seem like an unnecessary cat job but you would be surprised how often this comes in handy.

Contortionist - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

12. Pirate

No one can pull off the life of a “Pirate” quite like a cat. They pillage the mouse towns and take no prisoners. If you are late providing dinner they will make you walk the plank.

Pirate - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

13. Undercover Kitty

An “Undercover Kitty” is doing the important job of certifying no monsters are hiding under the bed comforter before you go to sleep at night. They may even warm your spot when they have completed their inspection and determined all is well.

Under Cover Kitty - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

14. Spy-Cat

This is a top secret cat job that you aren’t supposed to know about. If you feel like someone is watching you, you might be right.

Spy cat - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

15. Photo bomber

This is one of the more comical cat jobs. “Photo bomber” cats are proof that cats have a good sense of humor.

Photo bomber - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

16. Relationship Judger

Terra and I were sole partners in life for many years before my husband (aka. “the human”) joined our lives. Terra was a hardcore “Relationship Judger” when I announced to her that we were engaged. She continues to provide her judgement until this day.

relationship judger - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs


17. Assistant Laundry Fluffer

Every housewife needs an “Assistant Laundry Fluffer.” They are here to test laundry softness and to directly apply cat hair. They will administer the all important wrinkles and fluff the laundry for you.

Laundry Fluffer - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

18. Holiday Decorator

When the holidays roll around you will be happy to have a cat “Holiday Decorator.” They live to spread decor willy nilly around the house and may possibly be caught wearing the decor in order to be festive.

Holiday Decorator - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

19. Duck Herder

Not everyone needs a “Duck Herder.” But if you do, don’t assume that dogs are the only one fit for the job because cats are quite good at this too. Terra is demonstrating how she keeps Waffles, Willow, Winnie, and Willard in line.

Duck Herder - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

20. Scrapbooking Supervisor

If your favorite hobby is scrapbooking, then a “Scrapbooking Supervisor” is a must! Cat are excellent at this job. They are great company while you cut and paste pictures.

Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • batting pieces of paper around the table
  • knocking pens and scissors to the floor for you to pick up
  • placing their butt in your face so you can’t see your scrapbook
  • warming your lap and your heart

Scrap booking Supervisor - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

21. Calendar Manager

A cat “Calendar Manager” ensures that you never miss an important date such as their adopt-iversary or when to order more cat food. However, they may forget to remind you of other dates such as vet office appointments.

Calendar Manager - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

22. Office Secretary

Every office needs an “Office Secretary.” The cat secretary will help de-organize and un-manage your important papers. It will also prevent you from procrastinating by holding you hostage in your office chair by lap cuddles until your work is done. Or the cat may stare out the office window performing the other important job of “Bird Watching.”

Office Secretary - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

23. Computer Monitor

Another meaningful office cat job is “Computer Monitor.” This job includes sitting in front of your monitor to better supervise your online activity and to walk across the keyboard hitting random buttons. A cat can find key functions on a computer that you never even knew existed and you may spend the entire afternoon on the phone with technical support trying to fix it.

Computer Monitor - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

24. Basket Checker

“Basket Checker” is one more vital cat job that is often overlooked. Supply any cat with a basket and they will certify its strength and stability.

Basket Checker - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

25. Professional Cat Napper

All cats are qualified for the title “Professional Cat Napper.” This job requires long hours to complete but they are always up for the challenge. They even go above and beyond the requirements by finding new and peculiar positions in which to nap.

Professional Cat Napper - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

26. Game Warden

“Game Warden” cats are here to protect and observe the local wildlife. It takes a lot of restraint and a sheet of glass to suppress their hunter instincts and instead protect the backyard animals such as this squirrel.

Game Warden - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

27. Expert Cuddler

Certified Cuddlers are actually a thing in our society now (seriously, look it up!). Cats have been doing this job of “Expert Cuddler” for thousands of years without the recognition they deserve. If you are in need of a cuddler, look no further than your feline friend.

Expert Cuddler 1 - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs


28. Yoga Instructor

If you have a cat, you have your very own personal “Yoga Instructor” right in your home. The cat’s flexibility makes them perfect for this job. Cat Pose is their specialty but don’t ask them to show you downward dog.

Yoga Instructor 1 - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs


29. Feline Model

“Feline Models” will give the human supermodels a run for their money. A feline model, such as Terra, can fix her hair with just a flick of her tongue and she always looks slimming in her little black coat. Smoldering cat eyes will make the cover of a magazine any day of the week.

Feline Model 1 - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs


30. Therapist

And last but certainly not least, cats make excellent “Therapists.” They will always listen intently to your problems without judgement and keep all of your deepest darkest secrets. The cat therapist also provides comfort and stress relief with cathartic noggins.

Therapist - Top 30 Important Cat Jobs

Which jobs are your cats highly skilled at? Comment below and let me know!

If you don’t have a cat then you should highly consider hiring one!

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